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Instead of being supported by your existing teeth, like traditional dental bridges, implant-retained bridges are supported by crowns installed in your surrounding teeth and to the implants in your jawbone. The implants are created with titanium, and they are surgically placed into your jaw to support the new teeth. Crowns are then placed on your adjacent teeth to further secure the implant. An implant-retained bridge is an effective option for replacing more than one missing tooth, but it may also be utilized to avoid a buildup of pressure on the implant. This procedure uses advanced technology to generate a durable and enhanced smile. At SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach, we only use high-quality materials to supply you with a gorgeous and natural-looking smile. Implant-retained bridges are a longer-lasting solution to restore missing teeth and help renew the look and function of your original smile.

Best Candidates

Ideal candidates for an implant bridge are those who are missing more than one tooth due to a number of reasons, including lifestyle choices, genetics, or trauma. They are also an ideal choice for patients who deal with teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Patients must have good gum health before receiving an implant. Otherwise, a bone augmentation or graft must be performed before the implant procedure can begin. Our dental team will assess your overall oral health and determine if implant bridges are a fit for you.

What to Expect

There are several steps in the process of receiving an implant bridge. The first includes the implant being surgically placed into your jaw. Afterward, the tissues will require a number of months to heal while allowing the implant time to integrate. Prior to proceeding, we will confirm the integration of the implant by taking digital x-rays. If all has gone according to plan, then it is on to the next step of your procedure. The custom-made bridge will be attached to your implant, and the necessary crowns will be cemented to your surrounding teeth. We can adjust your bridge as needed for proper fit and comfort.


Throughout the steps of the procedure, the implant will need to be properly cleaned every day. We might also recommend special tools, which will lead to a deeper cleaning between the bridge and the gum. You should continue to attend bi-annual cleanings to adjust the implant as needed and to maintain overall dental health.

Insurance Coverage

The expense of this procedure may vary, depending on the number of missing teeth needing to be replaced. During your consultation, we will discuss with you the different restorative dentistry options that may best meet your goals and budget. Our financial coordinator will check with your insurance provider, if you carry dental insurance, to determine what may or may not be covered by your plan. SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach also offers several payment options to help make your procedure as affordable as possible.

Implant-Retained Bridges

Implant-retained bridges are an effective, durable choice for replacing missing teeth. Employing innovative, modern technology, our skilled team of dentists offers implant-retained bridges to restore our patients' smiles. To see if implant bridges are the perfect alternative for you, contact SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach to schedule your initial consultation.

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